Alright guys, IT'S ON. Our biggest sale of the year is here at mooreaseal.com! We're offering up to 70% off across our entire site from today (Friday) through Sunday at midnight, PST! I woke up this morning to see that we already have a bajillion orders coming through and I'm feeling insanely grateful for all of the love our store is getting this holiday season. Every single purchase that one of you makes means we can give more and more financially to the non-profits we believe in. 7% of all proceeds go to non-profits from our store. And the more and more you invest in us, the more we can provide for our customers and I hard working staff.

I dream of building a company that not only does great things for the people in the company, providing opportunities and fulfillment through what we create, but also a company that does amazing things for people in need. Someday I dream of doing something major for kids in foster care. I don't know what it will be yet, but since I was 3 I have dreamed of doing something. My first dream job and just life dream was starting an orphanage. I have notebooks filled with detailed drawings of each room I would create, how I would style each child's bedroom room unique to their style, how I would build the worlds best technology room, play room, dining room for hundreds of kids. And I don't know if the US needs more orphanages as we have the foster care system. But I have seen so much heartbreak within the foster care system that I just want to do something big to get kids out of unhealthy homes and into a space that feels like it can support their dream childhood. When someone purchases something from mooreaseal.com, I don't just get excited for each purchase, I get more and more hopeful that as a company, we can do something really big for kids in need someday beyond how we already financially give to non-profits we believe in.

Thank you for shopping small this season, supporting a small business that dreams of being big and doing big. We live our motto everyday, "Do Good, Do Great." And with your support, we can do even more good and even greater as a company for years to come. Thanksgiving week has got me feeling real damn grateful. All my love.


Holiday Deals + December Events + Musings on the Season

Black Friday is right around the corner and we are going to have some SERIOUSLY good deals on mooreaseal.com. 

But tomorrow I plan on laying low at my house for Thanksgiving, and trying to savor the little time I get with family and friends during the holidays. It's a majorly busy season for me, and owning a retail shop and online store means this is my busiest month of the year where I need to be working the hardest! I'll be working every week and most weekends this month, doing rad things like a book signing for my book The 52 Lists Project at Urban Craft Uprising here in Seattle, I'll be selling goods from my shop and signing books at Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle, and I'll be selling goods from my shop at the Made in the PNW pop up shop event at Makers Space here in Seattle. All that fun stuff on top of extra everyday work in the busiest shopping season of the year plus some massive secret projects I'm working on.

I'm very very very grateful for the life I get to live and the wild exciting things that happen with my job! But at my heart, I'm a homebody who loves spending quiet quality time with the ones I love just as much as I love coming up with crazy projects to tackle. I'm hoping I can use this holiday season as time to establish how I want my holidays to look for years to come, learning to juggle the work with the peaceful and holiday season spirit. To me, the holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year. I love the events, the food, the warm cozy clothes and decorating your home for the season, I love the holiday music (I used to me a semi-professional classical singer in high school so I have some major nostalgia for Madrigal music and classical Christmas choral music.) I just want to spend everyday soaking up the holiday cheer in my personal life. And I'll want that forever. But I'll also need to do major major work during the holidays for most of my life as my business grows. So finding the balance is a big priority for me this coming month.

I am so proud of my staff of 12 people who work SO hard every single day, and especially during the holidays. And I hope that you too feel the love from us as we package up each order and ship it out to you in time for the holidays. Behind each website, behind each brand, each label are people who devote their life to their work and do it with heart. And we want our hearts to be focused and full of love as we work through December. All of the folks on my team will get the big holidays off to spend with the people they love because duh, thats important! And on workdays, they'll be kicking ass providing amazing customer service to our customers in store and online. 

So all that being said, shop small this Holidays season! Take advantage of the discounts that small businesses offer because small businesses work really dang hard to offer the discounts that they can afford to give. And spread some cheer to those retail workers to are busting their butts working to make their shops' holiday season the best it can be! It's a lot of physical work, but even more emotional work having a great attitude and providing great care and concern for each and every customer.

Here are some peeks at the discounts and deals we are offering throughout this coming week and weekend!

BLACK FRIDAY: Up to 70% off Everything Sitewide! FRIDAY-SUNDAY
SMALL BIZ SATURDAY: An additional free gift with every order placed at our store in Seattle, WA. 2523 3rd Ave. SAT ONLY
CYBER MONDAY: Wait and see... ;)

Thank you all for following my journey. When I started my blog in college, I would have never have imagined that I would ACTUALLY reach the point I am at now. Dreams really have come true for me and I'm working hard to maintain and expand those dreams forever. Your support of my shop makes rad things happen and damn I love you for it.


Men's Products at the Moorea Seal Store

We have had quite a few guys come into our store over the last year asking us to bring in Mens products into the store. And we have been listening! We have a new mens section both in our storefront and online at mooreaseal.com and I wanted to give you a little peek on the blog too and some of our favorite mens products! Everything you see in the photos you can also grab in our online store!


All About Shoes

Just so you know, we are kiiiiiinda crushin' it in the shoe department in my store mooreaseal.com right now. I might have bought the Indra Flats and the Rory Riding Boots as soon as they arrived in our office. And I'm still having a hard time stopping myself from splurging on the gorgeous Ackley Heels from Dolce Vita. UGH. Shoes, you are my weakness and my kryptonite.