52 Lists, Week 11: List Your Essentials.

This week's list is very adaptable to wherever your life is at right now.  Whether your greatest focus right now needs to be on seeking health, happiness, strength, balance, patience, or whatever is most powerfully calling you right now, make this list all about the essentials that you need in this moment in life.  Last year at this point in the year, I was buying my mom lots of essentials and treats as she began her long journey of cancer treatments.  I also was about to fly out to my grandfather's funeral.  My mental health at this point last year was definitely being stretched and my stress level was high with worry for my mom, my family, and for my own future.  Taking time to just refocus and rest my mind, with all my intentions set on the essentials of being, really helped me gather my thoughts and feelings with all that was on my plate.

This year, I am at another important turning point in my life.  My store front is set to open in just 3-4 weeks.  And a big magazine is coming to photograph it in just two weeks!  Holy moley!  I can feel the stress growing bigger and bigger.  But I just need to rest a moment and think about the essentials, the essentials of what I need in my life to be content, and the essentials of what I need to do for my store before it's the day of our grand opening.  Slow down and get to the basics.

I encourage you mull over the work "Essential" in your mind for awhile before you put pen to paper, starting this list.  What are some things in your life that feel essential right now?  Do you see some sort of theme between them?  If not, just start writing down all of the things that feel essential to you on your list.  And as your list grows, look for a theme or a link.  If a theme really jumps out at you, circle that theme as the mantra for your week ahead.  I am seeking to balance my life this week and I am choosing to fill my life with the essentials I need to bring me balance.  In the image above is my "essentials" list for last year at this time.  And below is this year's list of essentials paired way down:

Taking time to enjoy the sunshine while it's here
Rest while being awake
A full night's sleep
A day off each week
Being mindful that I invest in my boyfriend as much as I invest in my work
Training for my 16-18 mile walk for the Out of the Darkness walk.  (I'll be posting about this soon!)
Finishing the last building projects for my store
Deep cleaning my apartment!
Taking time to invest in my friends and family who live far away
Having new experiences

What is something essential that you need to do or embrace this week?  What are the essentials in your life that not only help you live fully but make you thrive?  I'm really looking forward to reading your lists this week and I think they will be really inspiring for me to see all of the different "essentials" in our different lives.

Download and print out Week 11's list above or write out your list however you may like.  Then leave a link to your Week 11 list in the comments so we can all check out each others lists!  If you post your list on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, use the hashtag: #52lists and be sure to include @mooreaseal so I can be sure to come say hello :)  Happy listing!

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Buyamba & Hope in Uganda

photo by Laura

I'm really excited to get to share about this new shoe brand, Buyamba, as it in so many ways has intertwined with my close friends and even my family.  First let me tell you a little bit about Buyamba, and then I'll share all the ways that I've found even deeper connections with them through my close friends and family!
The Buyamba footwear brand was created as a means to help women and children in Uganda where there is not only major economic despair but also the need for education among people of all ages.  From adult schooling to help create jobs and new career paths for women who have had to take on much of their family's economic burden because of rampant HIV/AIDS within the community, to the basic education needs of children, Buyamba seeks to help bring funding and direct education to the people of Uganda.

All of the beautiful beads that you see on the Buyamba shoes are made my women in Uganda who are paid fair wages and given opportunity for education through Buyamba's support.  To date, Buyamba has established over 200 new jobs for Ugandan women making the beads for the footwear products, and they have produced over 3 million beads!  Pretty amazing.  The paper used to make the beads is usually trash or discarded overstock so there is a unique environmental advantage to the materials used as the beads are rolled by hand and then, taken through a varnishing process that is lead free and water based, evironmentally friendly.  The women earn a fair wage that allows them, for the first time in their lives, to provide for their families as sole bread winners.  Go girls!

Through the sale of the shoe line so far, Buyamba has then been able to donate over $100,000 to support the educational and nutritional needs of Ugandan children!  They call this the Cycle of Hope and are dedicated to sustaining this for years to come.  The shoe line partnered with Buyamba Uganda, a non-profit charity organization that’s sole purpose is to help feed and educate the children of Uganda. Currently they have over 2000 students in their primary school and high school facilities and plans are underway for the building of a vocational school in Kampala Uganda!  Buyamba Uganda gives back over 90% of every dollar given to then directly to the children’s educational and nutritional needs.  And I think that is pretty incredible, don't you?  I know how much it costs to simply keep an organization running, and it's just phenomenal that they are able to invest 90% off all their donations directly into education and nutritional needs.

So, not only do I think Buyamba is incredible on it's own, but it has crazy connections to my own personal life!  One of my best friends from college, Brittany, has been working with ACI Footwear for awhile now and has been helping develop the Buyamba shoe brand with them.  One of my other college best friends Katie's step mom started Buyamba Uganda, whom the shoe brand Buyamba donates to with every shoe sale.  Brittany didn't even realize until after about a year of working with Buyamba Soles that it was connected to Katie's step-mom's organization, and Brittany, Katie and I were all roommates after college!  It's crazy how things connect.

I was lucky enough to meet the team over at Buyamba while I was in Las Vegas for some trade shows.  Brittany and I were thrilled that we were in Las Vegas at the same time for work, and she was excited to introduce me to their new shoe brand that is filled with heart.  I immediately loved their mission and the people on their team.  And as we were chatting over dinner the last night of the trade shows, we came to find even more parallels.  My dad's best friend, Scott Kellermann and his wife Carol, have been working in Uganda for the last 15 years through their foundation The Kellermann Foundation investing in the community, building a hospital, training locals in nursing, and so much more and Carol has even done work with the Buyamba school!  My dad is a priest, and his church has done a lot of sponsorship for the Kellermann Foundation as it has grown.  Talk about tons of parallel's with my life, right?  I think Buyamba has secretly be stalking me for my entire life... :)

The folks at Buyamba have been kind enough to offer 10% off of all of their debut shoe line until the end of April for my blog readers!  Just used the code:  moorea when checking out and you'll get 10% off.  Lots of love!


52 Lists, Week 10 // List the Ways You Can Cleanse For Spring

Click here to read my 2013 Cleansing List.

Last year, I was definitely more on my cleansing game than I am this year.  Oof.  I need to clean my apartment so I won't have allergic reactions to it, damn you dust mites.  I need to clean my computer out because it's exploding with folders upon folders of things.  I need to cleanse my body really badly, I've been on a really serious sugar craving binge lately and I'm not taking any time to exercise.  Not a great idea.  My meals are usually very healthy, but sugary treats just calls my name!  Oooooh man I need to cleanse guys!  How about you?

I think the root of why it's hard for me to make the right choices to cleanse my self of toxic habits like my sugar indulgences and not taking enough/any time to exercise is that I thrive on doing different things all the time.  I have a pretty hard time sticking to routines.  And the routines I do stick to usually involve getting to have unique experiences within the routine.  I have ADD as well, have I mentioned that?  My desire for unique experiences has greatly benefitted my business and my drive as a creative.  But it can hinder me when I need to just tend to my basic needs.  I do well when I have partners who can hold me accountable to doing things consistently, and boy do I miss my sweet friend Allie who was my yoga buddy last year.  I have only been to yoga about 3 times since she moved to the Netherlands.  I think what I probably need to do is either find a partner to exercise with on a specific schedule or maybe invest in a trainer.  I'm not into exercise videos, I don't enjoy running one bit, and committing to a rec league sports team stresses me out because I travel a lot and I don't like letting people down.  I'm not interested in P90x or crazy intensive exercise places like Crossfit.  But I am curious about... boxing.  Random, right?  Maybe I should do kick boxing.  I don't know, guys, help me out here.  Got any advice on how a lady with ADD and not much free time can be a little more intentional with cleansing?  My Spring cleansing this year need to be serious!  And I need a little motivation to get this stuff on point.

-  deep clean the apartment
-  go on a no candy cleanse... saddest day
-  find an exercise I actually enjoy
-  sticking to a regiment of exercise
-  start going to the Buddhist temple again
-  clean my computer, the exterior
-  clean up my desktop and folders
-  load old documents and photos onto my external hard drive
-  try meditating
-  spend time in the morning just being quiet, focused, and at peace, not thinking about work, just having a clear mind.
-  organize & put away the last few boxes at the new office
-  keep sticking to the recipes in my new FAVORITE cookbook:  The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

What is your go to method of Spring Cleaning each year, and what is your focus this year?  Take a little time this week to write out your list of Ways to Cleanse for Spring and hanging up somewhere that maybe usually makes you stressed.  That way when you seem something that drives you a little nuts, like that one room in your house that is always messy or that one spot that you drop all of your mail till it turns into a giant pile, you will feel a little more eager to just get to cleansing!  Get ready to feel refreshed!

Download and print out Week 10's list above or write out your list however you may like.  Then leave a link to your Week 10 list in the comments so we can all check out each others lists!  If you post your list on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, use the hashtag: #52lists and be sure to include @mooreaseal so I can be sure to come say hello :)  Happy listing!

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A New Pet Accessories Line for MooreaSeal.com!

Exciting news for all you pet lovers!  We've been working away these last few months on a specialty pet accessories line for MooreaSeal.com.  Everyone on our team is kind of obsessed with animals, sadly I am the only one without a pet on our staff because are are not allowed to have any in our apartment.  Reed has one fluffy adorable dog, Tram has 2 sassy dogs with big personalities, and Jenette has 3 cats with even bigger personalities!  We thought, hey, these little personalities need some opportunity to express themselves through fashion statements as much as we do.  So let's start an accessories line for pets!

Alright, I couldn't keep that April fools going for too long.  April Fools!
How about instead of a pet accessories line, I give you 10% off to everything in the store for today only :)  
Go get your self a treat right meow with the code:  JUSTKITTEN at mooreaseal.com!