Christmas List

heres the problem. i only want things that will be more investments rather than silly presents. and those things cost a lot. uhg.

for art and music:
a really good camera

more watercolors
a microphone

actually...i think thats all i want haha. but they cost so much which is not fun. i guess i just need to deal with it, put the money into the things i need. and then enjoy all the things i can make because of them. start saving money moorea.

my parents are going to give me some money for the camera for Christmas.
not a ton. but some. i will pay for most of it. but it will be a lovely lovely christmas present to myself.
i am so thankful for the things i have. i am really really lucky. from where my life began as a kid to where i am now, i am so grateful.

use of the camera?

mostly to document the beauty around me in the people i meet.
i need a good camera to take photos which i can then paint in watercolor and oils.
portraiture is turning out to be my forte. and a good camera could really encourage growth in my art making.
also, i would like to start selling prints of my art online. i need a good camera to take professional photos of my work.
i want to start bridging the gap between college and the professional world. i want to start my own small business online as soon as possible.


i have much farther to go with my music making. but i'm on my journey already, and i love the way its moving.
i have been singing since i was really little.
started playing guitar when i was 15. and i'm 21 now.
i started writing music at the same time as when i got my guitar at 15. and my songs have gotten much better over the years.
starting with making music on the guitar, and then coming up with lyrics and a melody has been the usual way i make music.
i started recording music when i was 19, and at the same time discovered i could easily harmonize on the songs.
now that i have a computer i can record onto, i am discovering a totally different way to make music.
i can simply sing into the computer and add layers upon layers of harmonies, making a much different sound than what i was doing when starting on a guitar.

i need a good microphone to progress in my music making. i want to explore what i can create just with my voice.

i also want to see what more i can do with making music with other people! this quarter was the first time i made music with friends and it has been incredible. taking my own songs and playing and singing like i normally do, but adding emily with harmonies, vanessa and stephen on piano, and lauren on djimbe has been incredible. performing with them reminds me of the happiest times i had in high school, singing with friends on choirs.

i also need to teach myself piano. i love the twinkling sounds it can make and i want to focus more on those sounds in some of my music.

there are so many things to make, change, learn, and progress in!

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