Bitter Travels

man i had a bad bad traveling experience this beginning of spring break.

i flew into SF from Seattle on the inaugural flight for Virgin America with some of my favorite friends.
this was the best part of the trip.

but you see, i live 3 hours from SF, so i was counting on getting a ride from a friend to get back home. This plan failed the day of the flight. so i had to book a train and a bus from SF to 45 mins away from home.

Then... after the enjoyable plane ride, my luggage failed to make an appearance at the baggage claim. thanks Virgin America. just couldn't get it right on your first flight, huh?

So that night, i spent the night in Walnut Creek with a friend. His momma was kind enough to drive me to the Berkeley train station at 7am the next morning.
i got a total of 4 hours of sleep because i was so stressed out and mad about my lost luggage.
i got to the train station, in the cold morning wind, in the outfit i wore the day before. i felt really gross. and really cold. the train was late.

once on board, i realized my ipod was dead, and the charger was in my lost suitcase. and then i realized my computer and my cell phone were dying. and both their chargers were in my lost suitcase as well. great.

the train was cold.

the bus stop was awkward.
a short little man walked past me and commented on my boots, "THOSE ARE DAMN SEXY BOOTS!" he said. why thank you "#(*$&@^!%" i thought.
the bus was manageable on its own, but i felt disgusting and exhausted.

when finally home, i had to go buy new things to clothe myself in and new make up and such. i hate spending money on things i already have... but are lost in oblivion.

my suitcase finally made it to my house today. i feel like i wasted a lot of money on things that i now no longer need because i was so anxious about my suitcase possibly never being found.

at least its all over now.
i just feel like i only have 3 days of real break now. i spent too many days stressed out and exhausted.

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