installation project 2005

this is an installation project i did in my installation art class my freshman year of college. There are about 500+ different cut out squares. each one was identically cut out. 10" x 10". The project was to transform the purpose of a wall or tree on campus.

i tried to juxtapose the natural with the manmade/artificial/superficial/synthetic, whatever you would like to call it.
the environment i chose to do the installation in is one on the U of Redlands campus that is attempting to be more "natural" with trees growing through roofs and plants enveloping walls. but i found all of it a little false because the natural ended up just being a mask for the man made things, rather than the man made complimenting the natural.
I chose to do a collage that fades up the wall with magazine pages. i tried to gradate the color up the wall so the magazines looked as though they were trying to blend into the environment. I chose magazines to put on the wall because they are made of nice natural paper that is then manipulated into becoming glossy pages that pour out superficiality. I tried to both harmonize the space and stir up thought about the environment and the colorful paper brought into the space.
we then left up our installations for a couple weeks after to see what would happen to them. with the rain, my project basically started to fall apart and decompose which ended up playing into my concept perfectly.

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