New Makings

and we begin again!

its the new quarter.  and i have 4 art classes that are all super serious and very time consuming.
thank goodness i am still really really excited for them all!!!

Image and Narration:  exploring what it means to produce art with a beginning, middle and end.  sequential art?

Intensive Figure Drawing:  30-50 figure drawings in our sketchbook every week on our own time.  and a whole bunch of more figure drawing in and out of class! yay!

Figure Painting:  all done in oils.  very exciting since i haven't done any portraiture in oils yet!

Image Capture:  basically a photography class.  i'm most nervous about this because, although i like photography a lot, i don't feel like a natural photographer.  we'll see how it goes trying to take 50 different shots for each class.  sheesh.

Questions answered in my Intensive Figure Drawing class:
1.  i am fascinated with figuring out how to combine stylized realism with a clear depiction of that person's "essence" in one image.  i especially love learning about what it means to be a woman or a man through a study of the figure, beyond the flesh.

2.  for this class, my dream is to figure out how to really capture a person's emotions and thoughts in a human figure.  i especially want to explore the question, "what is femininity?"

3.  my goal is to come out of this class with a lot of pieces and studies to look back on.  I hope to see improvements in my realism and also in my stylization of the figure.  i hope that i can understand better what it means to capture a person's essence and to convey femininity.

i am going to be crazy psycho busy this quarter.  but i know that i am going to be SO excited at the end of the quarter when i have so much art work completed!  i really feel like i am finding my voice in art.  and i am really starting to recognize my own style.  ah, i am so excited!

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