other worldly wanderings

I finished The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, by Murakami, last week.

what a truly beautiful book. it was so surreal.

600 pages, but it felt more like i was just living in a different world every time i picked it up to read. page counting didn't matter for this book. its one of those books where you don't really want it to end because you are so involved with the characters that you want to know the story of their entire lives. it was so dreamlike and enchanting.

i guess being a person who wakes up an extra hour every morning just to lay in bed and daydream makes me someone who sort of lives in a dream world all the time. so reading this book didn't feel incredibly otherworldly for me. But it was probably the one book that has really captured the confusion and darting about ideas that are contained within my own head. In that way, i related to it more than any other fiction or non-fiction book that i can remember!

i could float in Murakami's mind forever.

couldn't reading and vivid imagination combined be a little sparkle of what heaven is like? its like we get to jump into these beautiful creations just for a little while to explore a world that is so similar to what we think is real, yet so different.

I think i might start volunteering at the 826 writing and tutoring center in Greenwood. What a wonderful place for kids to explore their own worlds and learn how to convey their ideas more clearly. I mean, what kid wouldn't want to go to a tutoring center that you enter through a secret door in a space travel store!
In Chicago, their 826 store front is called the "the Boring Store." but don't let that trick you...it's actually a spy store! They just use the name "the Boring Store" so that people who aren't spys wont be suspicious.

If i am ever a momma in seattle, my kids are definitely going to spend a lot of time and have a lot of fun at 826.

They just had a pluto protest today. I couldn't go. but they put on a kid's protest to make pluto a planet again. did you know that pluto was named by an 11 year old girl?
leaders (kids) of the world, unite!

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