wide awake

...and i think i can officially call myself and insomniac.

its 5am. why am i awake?

i was such an extrovert last year, needing people to keep me energized. and now it seems, when i am alone is when i am most awake. and my mind is most clear when i am by myself or with only one or two people.
number 2.

number 1.
number 2.

number 1 can be considered a problem health-wise, but great for night time art making and thoughtful musings.
number 2 can be considered a problem when trying to stay energized in groups, but great for intentional relationships, meditation, and focus in creative outletting.

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Allie said...

Did not know you were blogging. We are so hip. Thanks for your comment. I will be sure to start reading your blog all the time, tranny.