ok i really really like animals.

have i explained this yet? i think not. i am not sure if i can go into as crazy psycho explanation as i want to... ok well, why not? i'm doin' it.

and if you don't know me very well and are reading this after awhile and thinking... this girl is so weird, or, she's a hippy or something cooky like that, then lighten up babes. i can't help the way i am! God made me to be this quirky goofy a bit eccentric person that i am. whats most important is being true to yourself and honest in who you are, right?

ok so! animals. here we go.

1. i feel like i have a special connections with animals first and foremost because of my ridiculous but rad name. (ps... i have 5 middle names in addition to these 2.)
Moorea Seal.
Moorea is an island in tahiti. and guess what it means? YELLOW LIZARD! animal #1.
Everyone calls me Moo. moo is the sound a COW makes. animal #2. and everyone in jr high used to call me cow, heffer, moo cow. didnt like it much but they thought it was ironic or something because i was so super skinny... ah, the awkward years. mmm... wait, still in those years.
Seal. well this is an obvious one. look up seal in the dictionary. ANIMAL #3!

thats 3 animals in just 2 words that make up my name! thats pretty cool i think.

2. a vast majority of my favorite bands have ANIMAL names! i didnt realize this until this past winter quarter when i was making a mix and i realized, sheesh! a lot of these bands have animals in their names! here are a few:
Panda Bear Deerhoof Band of Horses
Caribou Beast, Please be Still Cat Power
Andrew Bird Butterfly Boucher Modest Mouse
Minus the Bear Gregory & the Hawk Sea Wolf
T Rex the Mountain Goats The Beatles
The Monkees the Unicorns the turtles

do vampires count as animals? vampire weekend. click to see a fun video!

3. my dad loves loves loves animals. and animals seem to really like all of my family members.

4. our pets live for forever... almost.
dachen, our dog, lived till it she was 17.
bingo, our cat, lived till she was 22!
geegee, our cat, lived till he was 21!
jeanie, our guinea pig, lived till she was 6.
we had a fish that lived for years and years after it was supposed to die.

5. i stopped at the puppy store, next to the bus stop i wait at almost every day, with my friend katie today and we played with the baby puppies! soooo cute. so teensy.

6. i love animals because they are such incredible creatures! if i had better memory and could actually retain things that i learn verbally and through reading, i would maybe study animal life with a little more vigor. but i learn things and retain info through images... a little strange, but its true. so its hard to learn anything really well for me other than art. sad.

7. i am mostly vegetarian. but i will eat meat if someone feeds it to me at dinner out of respect to their hospitality, and sometimes i need to get some of the nutrients found in meats because i'm super anemic. i just have to really focus on other things while im eating or i get kind of sad about what i'm eating.

8. animals are beautiful.

9. animals are so genuine in who they are. seriously though. humans can be so silly with the facades they try to put on. animals are so honest.

10. in all that they are, ah, im just so easily amazed. awe struck quite often. how could anyone hurt an animal for fun? that breaks my heart. such innocent little beings.

Do you ever feel like God has given you a special affinity for particular things sometimes?
perhaps this is vague...
well i'll just say, i feel like God has given me a special affinity for animals. and i feel like i have a special connection with them sometimes too.

me and animals, we stick together. they are great companions for optimistic peaceful but silly introverts like me.

so YAY animals!

check out this really cool sounding art show Unusual Animals that features all animal art! eek! i wish i could go!
... and guess what, its being put on by Sufjan Steven's label asthmatic KITTY records! kitties!
... AND my favorite professor Gala Bent has some pieces in the show too! sheesh.

this piece is by Grady McFerrin. so great. he is one of my new favorite illustrators.

this has nothing to do with animals.
but i like it. maybe just because i like the design of this. or because i like the styles. or because i LOVE all the bands they feature! whatevs. click on this.

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