artistic crushes of the male persuasion

list of the day...

artistic crushes of the male persuasion.

1. ira glass.
maybe its just the glasses. i like anyone who can pull off a nice pair of glasses.
or the suit. men, make sure your suits are well tailored. it can make or break the whole outfit.
or maybe its his nerdy little voice and dry humor.
story time with ira?
obviously the stories are what drew me in, in the first place.
whatever it is, its fantastic.

2. sufjan stevens
i think any and every quirky girl with a penchant for loving G-d has a crush on ol' sufjan.
it is inspiring to see someone who is honest about their faith but does not exploit it.
of course, my heart lights up a bit when i see someone always being true to themselves and allowing themselves to express both their serious side, and silly side, through how they present themselves and through their art.

3. adrien brody
wonderful wonderful actor.
but i hear he is an egotistical brat.
whatever... i like his nose and dark eyes.
he's caught my fancy, yes sir. pretty superficial...

4. wes anderson
he is so darling, look at him.
cheers to the man who has a passion for making meaningful, quirky, dramatic, hilarious, eccentric, graceful, stunning, artistic films.
he seems to have a peaceful demeanor.
maybe it is just his kind eyes.
i love seeing his personality radiate through his work.
a true artist.

5. benjamin & stefan ramirez perez
these creative minds are a new find.
i was watching some beautiful videos from a contest in one of my favorite music websites the other day and stumbled across their INCREDIBLE video they made for Joanna Newsom's song, The Book of Right On.
anyone who makes a video inspired by joanna's music is a new favorite of mine. her dad and brother play squash with my dad at home. and my little sister sang a song with joanna playing harp when they were little.
this video probably is one of the most beautiful things i have seen in a long time.
i guess in my artistic world, i would call this video one of the sexiest things i've seen in moons. i dont think it's meant to be sexy in what most people think is sexy.
but i guess what i define as sexy is a balanced combination of intellect, creative drive, sweet and carefully placed imagery, a close attention to detail, storytelling, and well composed art that gives of a feeling of a low fire burning in a fireplace nearby.
this video is sexy.

Joanna Newsom - The Book of Right-on from benjamin & stefan ramirez perez on Vimeo.

i guess i am attracted to storytellers.
how did i not realized this until right at this very moment?
well... i know that i am attracted to, and connect best with like minded artists. men whose eyes are lost wandering in the sky. so obviously, i find these people to be beautiful and inspiring.
congrats boys.
your'e in the top 5.


Blaze said...

I agree! I agree! Especially about Adrien Brody. Goodness sakes. I just watched King Kong the other week (when I was looking for Jack Black inspiration), and was more inspired by Mr. Brody. :)

Hope you have a great day today!

Allie said...

Yeah, cereally, what is it about Adrien Brody-meister? If you ever want to watch one of my favie indie movies with me, lets do it, its called "Dummy" starring Adrien, who is so charming in it.

Julianna said...

i love this list....whoa it's getting hot in HER