i am so exhausted.
i am so anxious about all the bajillions of little things i have to do for class, for work, for friends, for meetings blablabla that its driving me crazy!
i am so tired.
but the anxiety makes it so that i cant sleep.

you know, i should be graduating this year.  i should be done with college in a month.
but i have a whole freakin year left.
i was excited at first.
but now that i realize that i COULD be done with it all... im over it.
this stinks.

i need a break asap!!!!


Blaze said...

I totally feel you on this! I want to graduate too!! I hope we can do something fun soon to brighten our spirits!

And YES! I wrote this post before class! Crazy huh?! Haha!

Allie said...

The skies are blue,
The flowers are blooming,
I'll be your friend forever,
Feel better!

kahte said...

oh moomie...
with people i know in my CLASS graduating i definitely had a few moments of "why didn't i do that?!" too.

and i am sorry you cannot sleep. but even lying down for a while may give you a little rest...try and find a small moment or two every so often to just simply breathe my dear.

hopefully one day soon we can run into each other's arms.
i love you lots.

Blaze said...

Hi friend! Did you get much rest after class today? :) I definitely took a nap!

Andrea said...


School is fun! I miss it. I have been done for almost a year and have felt the opposite of you. I am done and don't want to be. It's an up and down feeling I have quite often.

Blaze said...

You totally have a print saved for you! :) I will be doing a shop update soon soon soon! :) I hope your weekend is starting off well! Perhaps we should do something fun, and discuss our movie! I'm so excited!

Julia said...

So understand! Take heart, you're not alone!

By the way, you have the most gorgeous banner up on your blog right now! I love your nose ring!