childhood jams

so today i was thinking about the sights and sounds that planted themselves deep within my mind from when i was a little little kid.

here a few of the things i can somehow still sing along with.
isn't it strange how you can not see or hear something for over 15 years and still, it comes back so quickly to you when you see it or hear it again?

here is one of the sesame street songs that i thought was so cool when i was about... 2?
"I got a new way to walk."
i thought it was so cool how they walked on the WALK sign.

more walking videos...
seems like i really liked videos/songs that had to do with walking when i was 2.  i guess to a 2 year old, walking is a pretty epic things.  so its only natural these were some favs.

then the big kid years...age 7?
i LOVED ace of base.  oh my gosh.  this song was so powerful for me.  why?  i have no clue.  but the image of her by the window has been burned into my memory bank for some reason.

here is my favorite slow jam at age 12.  (this was during my obsession with all british musicians, since i was still clinging to the past...)

s club 7.  oh so deep.

i remember i really liked this video because i was really into minimalist art at the time and i liked the style of this video.
 it was around this age that i decided to paint my whole room white with a hint of blue and put all my stuff in sleek white cabinets and only have my bed and the 2 white cabinets in my room.  and my bed was a dark blue color.
oh mama.  i wanted so badly to be a sophisticated young lady in the art world.  but geeze girl, lighten up!  i was obviously still in a 12 year old's lalaland.

OH my gooosh.
i forgot about this group; STEPS.  so epic.
actually, after watching this video through now, its kind of disturbing!  anyone agree?  whats with the devil costumes?

and then of course there was Robbie Williams.
my dad got me hooked on him.  sheesh dad, good job at encouraging my weird british nostalgia obsession.

and then... RIP spice girls.  i still supported even after they broke up.  hahahahahah...
go geri.

in the end of all this, all i have to say is...


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