Curious Artists

i went on the Seattle art walk tonight.
i went to a different section than when i went last time.

well this time i went with my figure drawing class. there was 8 of us including our darling professor Christen Mattix. Here is a little of her art:

we actually ran into two of my other professors as well! my favorite Gala Bent with her husband. here is some of Gala's work: i love her delicate manner of art making and her sort of structuring of nature.

we also saw Roger Feldman, one of my professors from the beginning of the year.

My favorite artist of the evening was probably Amy Ross. she has a really interesting way of morphing animals with natural objects like mushrooms and tree limbs in a really delicate manner. look at this painting she did! i think its just fantastic.

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Blaze said...

Wonderful post about Amy! I too did a little tribute to her! She has such beautiful work! :) I hope you had much daydreaming this morning!

Here's to some fun next week!