Dali Lama

did you know the Dali Lama is coming to Seattle?
did you know i was unable to get a ticket?
did you know i am utterly disappointed? there is no one in the world who i want to meet more than him.

my dad got to have tea with him in 1977 at the age of 27. He watched him eat cream puffs while chatting with him in his hotel room!
perhaps when i am 27 i will be lucky enough to be graced by his presence. maybe, maybe not. i'll stay hopeful.

also, the olympics are on there way. before you get too excited, maybe think a little about the Chinese government and their treatment of Tibetans. I am not a fan. maybe think about the people whose home got plowed over by those who determined those poor people's land was necessary for use of the Olympics. lets just think about all the things that the Chinese government does that perhaps are not so great. their monitoring of anyone and everyones internet and phone texting. their repression of freedom of belief.
those who chose to have the olympics in Beijing though that perhaps having the olympics there would be encouragement for China to clean up their act. looks like that backlashed now didn't it.
maybe you should click here.

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