phew... i have been very tired these past few days. i think the intense thinking about life and all it's twist and turns really wiped me out for awhile.

and i guess being a full-time art student with 4 art classes will wipe you out too haha. i turned in my first project yesterday at 8am. uhg. it was a rough one. i had to do 12 different comic drawings for one famous person. i chose Yoko Ono. my final composition of all 12 really sucked... but i liked each one individually. here are a few of the first drawings i did (they are only in there beginning stages here...):

pretty cute, right?

anyway, it took me hours and hours and hours to finally come up with a composition i was just mildly ok with. so i didnt get to sleep until 5:30am. and i had to wake up at 7:30 for class. then i slept from 11am to 5 pm. then i couldnt get to sleep last night till 4:30am. and i woke up at 9am. so i guess tonight will have to be the night i set my body clock back to normal! sheesh!

well... i can't say much more now. i'm so sleepy!
but here is a beautiful song by my #1 inspiration for making music, Joni Mitchell!


Noelle Doodle said...

Those are great. I'm a horrible illustrator. And for the record art school is a lot harder than people think.

Blaze said...

Once again, you rocked the project! And I'm so glad that you like Joni Mitchell! I LOVE her soo much, and that song too!