i have had a very nostalgic day.

my darling sister alexandra sent me a youtube video today that reminded her, and reminds me as well, of our childhood in America.
we loved loved loved watching Mathilda. i wanted to be Mathilda. she wanted to be Mathilda. we watched it over and over and fast forwarded through the scary part when the mean headmistress chased her through the big dreary mansion.
this is the music video of the theme song in Mathilda. a perfect representation of the mid nineties in my mind.

and here is the beginning of the movie. the song comes in at the best part.

i think for both alexandra and i, watching Mathilda was like escaping into a day dream that took pieces from real life, dramatized it all a bit, and then finished with a happy ending. it was wonderful.
i just watched the youtube video i posted a cried a little bit! i teared up first when i watched the music video, and alexandra said she cried when she watched the music video too.

its strange how moving images across a screen can hold nostalgic value dont you think? i mean it is wonderful, but still when you think about a moving picture... its so strange how we can embed our own emotions so heavily in images, in objects, really anything!

speaking of nostalgic objects...
i was very sad today about something precious to me that broke.
i keep all my favorite pens and pencils i use for my art classes in this one mug. its a big mug that had Andy Warhol's campbell soup screenprint on it.

my dad bought it for me at a museum in England. i grew up in England and some of my fondest memories are of when my dad and i would go to museums and auctions.
so having this little mug with me everyday when i am making my art and in class is a happy little reminder of my dad, my family, and england.

but i accidentally left it in one of my classrooms last night. i realized i had forgot it when i got to school this morning, so i went in to the room to look...

someone had broke it and had left it in a pile on a table.
no note.
no nothing.
i was very sad.
they could have at least said sorry, you know?

tonight i came home and no one was here... as usual. i spend a lot of time by myself these days. and yet i still feel like i am really busy. its because i am actually on top of my work for my 4 art classes, that is good.
but it sucks coming home to an empty apartment almost every night. one of my roommates works late most nights. and my other roommate is busy with boyfriend. so its kind of expected that i would be here alone a lot at night.
it is easy to get mopey.
but i try not to.
i decided to watch a movie by myself since i haven't watched a movie in a long time.
Allie recommended that i see Enchanted because its so cute and funny.
so i found it on the internet and watched the whole thing. it was darling.
click here to see my favorite scene: go to the 3:15 mins mark and watch the scene that happens for about a minute. hilarious. and so cute!

anyway now i want to be giselle. and end up with a serious man who's silly side is brought out by my ridiculous daydreaming dramatic optimistic ethereal quirky mind.
i think i reverted into Moorea, age 8, wishing she was a princess, for about an hour and a half...

anyway... that made me happy.
i'm still a little nostalgic... but in a happy reminiscing sort of way.

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Blaze said...

I looovveeed Matilda! One of my favorite scenes is when she is trying to pour a bowl of cereal with her power to the song: m mm m mm mm! m mm m mm mm! You know the one?

And I'm so sorry to hear about your mug. :( I loved watching you whip that out of your purse. Fooey.

And yes. I skipped class today. :) Check my blog to see the final project. :)