photography class #1

good news!
i am not as bad at photography as i thought! ah, thank goodness.
i am in my first photography class. its all digital based, so that is both good and bad. i know nothing about real real real not digital cameras, and i do wish that i was taking a class where i could develop my own photos. but another day, another time i guess.
and i actually don't know much about digital cameras either, but i think i have finally gotten the swing of things. i am figuring out what is a good and a bad picture. and i still am working out the in betweens. thank God for my friend alex who lets me borrow his nice dslr camera. phew!

here are some shots i took while crafting with my friend blaze in her darling room!
i hope you all find an image you like!


desk and window stickers

hour glass

birdy lamp


buttons and trinkets


tea time


Blaze said...

Just lovely! ;)

Thank you for coming over and having some fun with me!! You are a delightful friend, and I am looking forward to our first G.C.D. (girlie club day! haha!)

xoxo! Sweet dreams!

Julia said...

Hey, these photos are amazing! I especially love the one with the tea cups :) Blaze is such a lovely artist! THank you for this post!

TokyoBunnie said...

These are lovely photos! Thank you for visiting my blog!! <3