i will be productive today.

to do list:
1. work on oil painting
2. work on image and narration drawings and paintings
3. get photographs back for class from alex
4. 20 figure drawings, imaginative and real life
5. compositions for 9 developed figure pieces
6. organize due dates
7. organize my studio
8. print out photos of the model for my oil painting
9. be happy and mellow

later in the day...
2. good job, figured out and laid out compositions
3. working on it
4. researched inspiration
5. inspiration FOUND! through julianna's blog, i found this AMAZING photographer: Courtney Brooke
6. finished
7. finished
9. champion

1 comment:

Julianna said...

wahoo i feel famous! thanks for the shoutout girl! oh and how did you shoot that hourglass shot? was it raining and the lights from the window?
i'm glad you're finally taking a photo class i can tell you're going to be amazing at it!