spring inspiration

ah spring is in the air!
and i am finding inspiration everywhere!


Blaze Danielle is one of my fellow classmates, an illustration major just like me! I think of all my peers, i am most inspired by her! Not only because she creates the most darling illustrations, but she really has a sense of her own style and pursues what she loves with such passion! she is going to go far, watch out for her in the future!
click on her name and check out her blog.
click on her illustration to check out her art and maybe buy one!

body paint/make-up:

Joanne Gair is a body art painter. its incredible! you need to see it for yourself. she has a beautiful sense of color and detail. i don't know what else to say other than she just has such a unique talent!
click on her name or image to view her website.

1 comment:

Blaze said...

Moorea! You are SO kind! :) Thank you for your sweet comment and this lovely post! I will put you in my sidebar! :)

And I'm so glad that you have a blog!! I had no idea! We will be blog friends, and that is that! :)

Want to go to the art walk with me tomorrow?!