strange happenings with names

yesterday Allie and i went on a walk up to Macrina bakery on Queen Anne hill.
it was such a lovely day, how could we not enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!

along the way we saw lots of cute kitties. it was a little strange how almost all of them were sitting in the center of their porches above their steps. none of them would come play with us. seeing all the cats made us start talking about cats and pet names. we both agreed that human names usually sound really nice when given to kitties.
like my cats at home: Adelaide and Wellington III. those are a bit dramatic, but they suit the cats well i think.

Wellington III. aka. Wellie. (he is a bit of a snob, can you tell?)

Anyway, so Allie said that she and her roommate Stacey want to name a cat Steve. i thought, hm, well i have never met a cat named Steve but sounds like a name i would want to call a cat.

so then, on our way back down the hill, a cat came running off its porch towards us. i was surprised since none of the other cats had done so. Allie looked at its name tag to see what to call it, and guess what its name was?
STEVE! ...weird huh?

Then Allie and i decided to walk through the graveyard since neither of us has been through the graveyard thats a little walk up from campus. we walked through the side closest to the street for awhile and i realized, hmm... all of these names look like theyre of Jewish descent. a lot of the graves had the star of David on them too. so allie and i walked around and around until we realized there was a whole different part of the cemetery blocked off by a wall of bushes. it looked like there was just a special section for Jewish people away from the rest of the graves. i wonder why this is?
is it because they wanted their own section, or because the people who mapped out the graveyard didn't want the people mixed? very interesting.

you know what else is interesting?
my dad is Jewish, Native American, northern and southern/eastern European mixed, African American and Indian/Pakistani.
my mom is African American and northern European mix.

i wonder where the people of my family are scattered? i would love to travel the world and find the graves of people in my family. i want to search out the hidden secrets of my family. who are we? I can't associate myself with any one ethnicity. and i don't want to. but i do want to understand my ethnic background. all i know about myself in relation to my family history is that i have grown up in a pretty "white" society, but have lived in 2 different cultures. i never had to hide who i was ethnically like many people in my family line, but i do feel like i had to (and still sometimes must) wear a cultural mask. i grew up in British culture and adapted to American culture, which are quite a bit different even though they basically speak the same language.

back to Allie and i walking through the graveyard story.
so she and i were walking down the path towards the end of the graveyard and we saw a ton of crows pecking violently at some pretty flowers placed on a gravestone. she said, "should we make them go away?" and i said, yes and started yelling at them. but just then Allie said, "oh my gosh!!!" and her eyes welled up with a little bit of tears. i said, what what? and she said, "look at the name on the gravestone!" i looked at it and saw that it was HER last name!
i have never met anyone with her last name, so that was very very weird.

i wonder what God's purpose was in pointing out the importance of names yesterday in such dramatic ways?

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