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my professor Gloria DeArchangelis is really rad.
click on her name and check out some of her art. she is craaaazy talented. she kind of has an old school academic style. but she holds a lot of mystery in her pieces. maybe its because of the intense dark and light contrast. she's a self proclaimed chiaroscuro lover. i probably wont direct my art making in the direction of hers. but it is really great being taught by her because i see ways in which i need to challenge myself. i want to learn the crisp-ness of her art making.

she did this in 2001.

she is a self taught oil painter. crazy right?
she pulled me aside in class today saying, "ive been meaning to talk to you about your painting technique. now, how much oil painting have you done before?"
i said, "well i took a summer oil painting course just for fun when i was 12 and we painted a vase of flowers, and a guitar in a chair. i guess they were pretty good for a 12 year old. and then the next time i did an oil painting was when i was 19 as a sophomore in college in my first real intro to oil painting class. i did a painting of an apple dangling from a string...

and then i did a painting where we had to reference "the expulsion from the garden of eden" by michelangelo, and also use an apple somewhere in the painting. (the wood is part of the painting. its all painted on canvas.)

"so thats a total of 4 oil paintings i've ever done before this class." i said.
she asked how many art classes i took in high school. and i replied, "only one when i was 16. i didn't have time for any other art classes. and i thought i was going to be an art history major when i first came to college. i didn't realize how bad my memory was though and decided to switch to making art, not memorizing it once i was a sophomore.
she said, "wow that is very interesting. you seem to really understand how to paint without having much teaching. you really have an interesting technique and are able to really understand form and color. so, you are more of an intuitive painter? i always wonder how different artists progress in their paintings. "
i said, "yea i am definitely an intuitive painter. i kind of rely on my intuition for everything. i know that i have learned something well when i forget the words i was told, or had to memorize, and instead start to see pictures in my head. i guess it is just easy for me to see the different colors in a person's skin and the mass under the skin."
she said, "you know, i don't like to use the word 'talent' because i think it takes something away from the artist. but you really have something, you know? you seem to really understand what you are doing. and i didn't realize that you have basically taught yourself!"

wow-ee. that was really encouraging!
i am really really really passionate about making art. i always have been. but it took me until only 3 years ago to realize that i was really MADE to make art. i have always kept sketchbooks since i was a little kid. i'd draw and draw and draw for hours. but when you are little, you think that everyone just makes art. i guess i didn't think i was unique in anyway with what i made. but then again, i remember wanting to stand out for my art making. even in 3rd grade, when i met this girl who was kind of known for her art, i felt like, "oh no! this is supposed to be my 'thing'. i didnt think i'd meet another girl my age who was as good at drawing as me!"
silly silly. haha.

i am happy that God has always directed my art making. i feel like i connect with God through making art. Even in times when i tried to kind of put my art making aside, i felt God calling me back to it. I was made to make. that is so special. i feel so lucky to get to make beautiful things to share with the world, to share with God. each little painting or drawing that i make is like a little message to God saying, "thank you."

sometimes i get paranoid that i will get arthritis when i am young. i get scared that i will go blind at an early age. i get scared that God will suddenly take away my opportunities to make art. My eyes have been getting worse and worse since i was 14. sometimes my hands shake and my joints ache.
sometimes i am scared that God will take away my voice, that he'll let my hearing totally die away. i get scared that i will have songs and sounds to make in my mind, but will be unable to let them out to share.
i get scared that the visions in my mind will keep coming to me and i wont have a way to put them on paper.

i make art because it's something i can give back to God. it's something that i give to others to show them a facet of God. it would break my heart if he would keep giving me pretty images that i couldn't direct back to him, or give to others, with my hands, with my voice.

God thank you for giving me reason to live through what i can make. thank you for giving me a way to worship you. thank you for giving me a way to show your beauty to others. thank you for giving me something i enjoy SO much. thank you for giving me something that is worthwhile. thank you for giving me a way to create hope, to show truth. please let me make and make and make until the day i die. please give me years to grow. please give me years to share, to inspire, to be inspired, to love, to express, to change, to live.

thank you for this world that you molded with your hands. thank you for painting the landscape with ever changing colors. thank you for each new beautiful face you create in each new baby everyday. your creativity never runs dry. each new thing that you make is completely unique unto itself! please keep my inspiration sustained forever. it is centered in you. forever and forever.

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