day 7

so this is my 7th day of being sick.
7th day: sabbath day! not much rest for me though.

i was supposed to go to church with some friends. but katie was babysitting last night and the parents told her they were coming home at 11:30, but they didn't come home till 2:30! she tried calling them but they didn't pick up, even after 8 calls! she was freaking out thinking they had crashed and died or something. then the little girl got a bloody nose and dribbled all over her parent's white sheets. guess where the parents were.
they went clubbing.
i am not sure if i will go clubbing when i am a parent. ok i am pretty much positive i wont go clubbing as a parent, because i don't even go clubbing now.
anyway so she needed to sleep in. and anne always sleeps in so she didn't come. so i went by myself to the 9am service at Grace Seattle. and it was lovely.
their music is incredible. they have a live orchestra in the front! so gorgeous. and i love the community there, the pastors are great. good times all around.

listen to the Grace Seattle Experimental Orchestra! listen to "the Holy Spirit." we sing that one at church. none of the other songs on their myspace sound like the stuff we sing at church... and i just like hearing the whole church singing along rather than one voice singing. so this is a weird representation. but close!

so i had to get up and blow my nose 8 times during the service. BLEH.
and i have felt pretty miserable all day.
but i managed to be productive enough.
here is what i painted today. it took 6 hours. i still have her hair and whole upper body, arms and hands to do too, in 3 weeks. AH!! this is why i get sick. so much art making!
bad photo, but you get the idea.

oil painting on panel.

my back is so sore now from sitting on a stool for 6 hours straight...and being super sick. but school doesn't let you recover from being sick. just gotta keep rollin'.

now i'm home. ate some chicken noodle soup and toast. will now proceed to work on drawings for my figure drawing class. then i'll take some benadryl and climb up in my cave and pass out.

goodnight all you lovebirds.

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