oh what a night, a note for ms J, mr P, and ms A.

i love my friends so much.
to my friends who i hung out with tonight who have blogs:

thank you for being my friend all these years. even though we haven't gotten to hangout as much like we did when you were a freshman and i was a sophomore... still the time spent together is SO wonderful and i savor every moment. you are a soul sister. i love your heart and your mind. we speak the same language, you know that i mean? my dear dear friend, i'll be your friend forever. basically, there is no way for us not to be connected forever. your friendship my sophomore year gave me hope in the world that there are more people like us. you showed me true love and acceptance. you are so true to you, and i admire you for all you have been through. God is leading you into a new life and i see it in all its beautiful colors and shapes. its perfect. kitties! meow! nenna! nuni! yes yes yes, no no no! sparkle rainbow moonbeam horsey twinkle!

we played a funny redneck game tonight. it went on for 2 1/2 hours haha. but it was fun!

my friend, i am so glad we have gotten to know each other this year! seriously, you are a wonderful person and i feel like i can relate to you a lot, and thats really cool. you have a wonderful heart, and an expansive mind that connects from the silliest of things to the deepest of things. you are a new friend to me this year, but one that i will always cherish. seriously, you are such a real real person and that is so hard to find! you are so true to yourself, which makes you all the more great to be around. you are creative, sincere, genuine, funny, understanding, considerate, wise, peaceful, intelligent, kind hearted and an all around keeper! remember all those things when confusing people get you down/mad/sad/angry. its nothing you do. its just that most people are confused when they meet people who are as real as you.
so GO you! champion. yea i said it. STEVE HOLT! woop woooop!
and singing with you was one of the most memorable moments of my year. seriously, so nice. thanks for that my friend! lets be friends for a long time hows abouts. and remember, you can always talk smack with me anytime, oh and talk about all the other stuff in life too!

it was great chatting with you tonight.

shoot guuuurl, you know how i feels towards ya baby. oh OOH! (fingers in the air.)
i know that this year feels like its gone by CRAZAR fast, and we only have a few weeks left. but its not the end. shoot! we have so much more that we need to do together as friendsies! there isn't time for an ending! looks like we only have time for new beginnings and continuations right now. so you aren't even allowed to think about endings. see. i solved it for you. i'm so nice. haha. but seriously. i feel SO blessed to have gotten to know you this year. hanging out with you tonight just made me realize, wow, God have given me SUCH a special blessing through this girl. she really understands the person that is me. and i feel like i really understand the person that is her. she accepts me just as i am, and i never ever ever have felt judged by her. thats so rare. you know what makes your friendship so special to me is that i feel more like myself around you than basically most everyone. just being around you lets me feel completely free to be me! there is no special-er gift than that. so thank you, from the bottom of heart. seriously, just by completely being you, by being the sincere and radiant woman that you are, by letting yourself be vulnerable and free, you showed me so many facets of God's love and beauty. you are incredible and strong.
wow-y, my eyes are watering a little when i write this.
you know why?
because you are truly a woman. you are inspiring, and glowing with Gods beauty. you are the biggest gift to me! you are the biggest gift to anyone who knows you! you are generous and so loving. you are compassionate and understanding. you are real and genuine. you are joyful and so sweet. you are passionate and dedicated. you are free of barriers and are strong and faithful. you are hilarious and so fun and silly. you understand me, you understand you, you understand those around you, and you see insight into all the beautiful things in life.
you are amazing. you are a catch. thank you for your friendship, i cant even express how much its meant to me. i respect you SO much, admire you, look up to you, and adore you!
bff4l? yea? squeaky voice: i aaaam dreaming of a true loves kiss... you want an apple? ...oh thats ok! ...you sure, its gooood? ...oh, ok! bloop, bloop, bloop! da whistles go woop WOOP! is' only in da mornin', you supos'd be cookin' brea-fastes or somebody.

thank you for rolling down hills repeatedly with me tonight. even though both our allergies attacked our faces, it was worth it.
ooh OOH!

i need to thank more people for their friendship. but tonight, these are the ones i need to thank most immediately.

friends, i love you SO much. each of you as individuals, and each of you as a greater body of this family i find in God. He is so good to us. SO good. i am so lucky. ah, good tears are blurring up my eyes.
i am so lucky its ridiculous. i am so blessed to know you! so blessed.
and you are blessed, just because you are exactly who you are! you know how many people are out there in the world trying to not be like themselves, rather trying to imitate other people that they see? i wish everyone one could learn from you guys. i wish they could all see that, yes it is hard to be true to yourself sometimes, but man you make such a better impact on people when you are just YOU! you guys have just cracked my heart in the greatest sense by being YOU. you show me what true joy is, what true faith is, what true love is, what a REAL LIFE is. you are so wonderful.

so so so wonderful.
God is so good.
thank you God for these beautiful beautiful people. thank you for watching over them, for protecting them, for inspiring them, for loving them, for giving them things to live for, for giving them love and friendship and community, for creating them, for dying for them, for living for them.
God is so good.


Julianna said...


this means so much to me you're amazing! you're right though...we are soul sisters. there will always be you and there will always be me and there will always be us.

cheers to you for making my life oh so happy.

oh AND it probably took Olivia and I about oh.........2 hours to stop talking in redneck accents haha!

obsessed with moss said...

Thank you! If only more people saw me that way! You are one of the few people here that I can talk to on a level deeper than "hey how are your classes?" I am kind of sad the year is ending but I'm glad we are friends and look forward to hanging out more next year. Playing music was/is fun, you are very talented. Friends por-vida dogg.

Allie said...

Oh my gosh... I can't even believe how wonderful it was to read that. You are so kind. I'm tearing up, I can't even respond to you in this little box. I'm going to write you an emails or somebody. Ooh OHH!!