ringing ears and book covers

guess who is sick?
me me!

well i am sick. my ears are ringing. my body is tired and achy. my throat is sore and my voice is hoarse. i'm coughing too much, especially when i'm trying to sleep.

but the good news is that i have been able to stay home for most of the day... minus my 8am class.
and ms. Blaze and i went and got some inspiration from looking at pretty materials and houseware at anthropologie. neither of us can afford anything there though. thats probably a good thing haha. we have more opportunities to be creative and expressive on our own!

then we went to barnes and nobles and looked at tons of cool magazine, books and books of art, graphic novels, and children's books. so many inspiring things that it kind of overwhelmed my eyes a bit!

but i did come out with one art magazine and one art book.

isn't the cover stunning? it is painted by one of my favorite artists right now:
Print is one of my very favorite design magazines. it includes a lot of articles about illustration/illustrators in the magazine too. lovely.

Blaze and i looked over a wall of books and talked
about what covers stood out to us the most. Blaze is drawn to colors first, especially green, and delicate patterns.
I am more drawn to hyper simplistic covers and handwritten type. or covers that appear all hand drawn and sort of childlike/primitive.

here is an example of a book cover i LOVE! so quirky.

this is a book i am planning on purchasing in the near future.
its by Mike Perry. my favorite typographer right now.

what sorts of book covers are you drawn to?


Anonymous said...

So, So SOO much fun! We should go again soon! :) I hope you have an incredible weekend Ms. Moorea! :) Lots of love! Get well soon!

TokyoBunnie said...

That PRINT cover is gorgeous!