story of the seasons

here is the short film Blaze Danielle and I collaborated on for our Image and Narration class.
i am hoping we will collaborate more in the future. it was such a pleasure making art with her.
i'll take pictures of the books themselves and post them soon.

the mood of our film is heavily reflecting my mood right now. nostalgic of seasons past, figuratively and literally. watching this over again is calming and comforting me, i hope it is for you too.

here are the 4 books Blaze and I made.
the two on the left are mine, and the two on the right are hers!


Anonymous said...

Friend, you are one special and gifted artist, and I am so blessed to have worked with you!! ;) We MUST do it again! It's to bad we discovered this Spring quarter, but it's a good thing we have another year!!


gala said...

so lovely! is the music yours too, moorea? i can't believe how well your styles meld. here's to more collaborative efforts between you...

Julianna said...

Oh my goodness that is the most beautiful film! I loved it. I loved the books you used to you make them too very wonderful wonderful. Your such a talented little baby