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why have i not studied metaphysics, specifically, ontology more?

if i could have minored in philosophy... i would have.
if my brain could actually retain information like a normal person, i probably would have majored in philosophy, and minored in art.
alas, this is not how it was meant to be.

there is so much to learn about, attempt to understand, to question, to form new concepts from.

i dont think i have ever studied as hard as i did in my beginning philosophy class i took my freshman year of college.
i read through the textbook so many times.  5 times in just the week before the final.  we basically did an overview of every philosophical discipline, and were bar-raided with more information than anything that has ever been thrown in my direction.
i wanted to know it all SO badly.  i wanted to have all the information perfectly memorized in my head so that i could question and extend ideas off of all of it continually... forever.  but its all so hard for me to remember now.
when i have time, i am going to read through that textbook again.  i read half of it again 2 summers ago.  i need some more do overs.
i wish i had better memory.

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