Thistles. pictures and sounds.

we had to do some illustrations playing with different transitions in my image an narration class this past week. and i chose to illustrate a song i wrote.

here are some images of the illustrations. they are pretty detailed and you can't see them well on here... but you get the gist of it.

ps. these are the lyrics to the song:


opening the eyes
to the shadows of my mind
heres what you'd find
dark woolen blankets
and black cotton sheets
cover dreams worthy to keep

the lightbulb can't be gone
just find switch and turn it back on

ideas are hidden
under big leaves and trees
i can't find them easily
they're shoved in the ground
so many layers of dirt
with thistles that prickle and hurt

where did my gardening tool go?
please scoop up all that i have sewn

this is what its like
to feel your'e life's gone off course
run away like and untamed horse
but the light burns brightest
after the darkest of nights
once you've reached the lowest height

when passions and loves all seem lost
your mind pays for them at a cost

when the tiniest spark
seems oh so dim
thats when you'll find him
the most important thing lost
will explode through that hole
overflowing your biggest bowl

the struggle seems so long
but you've just got to hold on
it'll all fall out on the floor
once you get go of what you're looking for.

"opening the eyes to the shadows of my mind..."

"the lightbulb can't be gone. just find a switch and turn it back on."

"...with thistles that prickle and hurt."

"where did my gardening tool go? please scoop up all that i have sewn."

"this is what it's like to feel your life's gone off course, run away like an untamed horse."

do you like any of them? which one is your favorite? i like the thistles and hand drawing the best. thanks for reading and looking at pictures!
go to here to listen to my song "Thistles." download it for free!


Julianna said...

1. that's a really cool assignment, 2. Wow you are so crazy talented! 3. favorite song of all time! i can't think of how many times I've listened to "Thistles" in my car, 4. my favorite hm...hard to say but I like the finger pricking one as top choice and then I think the eye one, 5. I love you!

Blaze said...

Hello hello! Your project looks beautiful online as it does in person!:) I love love love your color choices, and I look forward to seeing how far you go! I know it will be far!!

Julianna said...

post more stuff! i want an update moo!