fall 07' synopsis:
moving in with Devyn and Brenna unexpectedly.
dan helping me build my bed.
patrick h. and tyler coming to visit the apartment when i first moved in.
leadership retreat.
Grizzly Bear show with devyn and brenna, best concert of my life!
going to Our House and being inspired by the traveling Brandt.
making dinner at ryans house.
painting for the album cover.
having a hard time living in Ballard and commuting.
going a little crazy and having to go to counseling.
crying to laura lasworth.
new besties found in Alex and Tyler. bop bop.
discovering watercolor.
John Hyde leaves.
every minute spent with katie love.
katie making me laugh every minute.
living at her house basically.
free Band of Horses concert with tyty and awex. meeting ashley
dinner parties held by brenna.
parties in general. being sober, dancing with kat and ashley.
missing being a PA.
trying to mend the hurt between me and him.
finally being able to be friends with the ex.
sad relationships in the family.
new friend in Devyn, and her incredible music taste.
painfully watching close friends get sucked into drugs.
thanksgiving at alex's grandparents with tyler, katie, and alex.
talking to sam on the phone often.
LCD Soundsystem & Arcade Fire show w/ devyn, tyler, zeeky.
talking to curtsy on the phone often.
the torture of the evil loft bed.
feeling displaced.
racial/cultural identity confusion.
best friend suicidal. trying to help.
new young friends in stephen, kat, cory and ashley.
driving to school with david.
free Jens Lekman concert with allie and katie.
best friends forever at home group of 5 shattered.
roommates and their stinky boy drama. mean boys.
a boy breaking my heart.
thankfully not dating for a year.
getting my septum pierced.
project runway in kat's room.
gospel choir with emily.
road trip with katie, tyler and patrick l. to my house.
cory leaves.

Songs I Wrote:
(click and listen/download for free!)
September 2nd: "Banner Mountain"
October 24th: "Family Tree"
November 8th: "Oh My Dear"
December 16th: "Waltzing"
December 24th: "Ready"

Songs on the Playlist:
"Dry Grass and Shadows" Alela Diane
hometown girl, making it big!
"All My Days" Alexi Murdoch
when i was feeling lonely, it cheered me up
"Winter Love" Animal Collective
unexpectedly romantic for me somehow. so stunning
"No Cars Go" Arcade Fire
nostalgic. reminded me of first moving to Seattle.
"Trying to Find a Balance" Atmosphere
from the mix he made me. i lost it. omen?
"Walkin' and Cryin'" B.B. King
my summer listening, extended into fall
"Is there a Ghost" Band of Horses
loved it at first. over it quickly.
"Cliquot" Beirut
the neighbor above me played it while i played it.
a top all time favorite song. timeless.
"Strange" Built to Spill
reminded me of summer love 4 summers ago.
"Lets Make Love" Cansei De Ser Sexy
dancing music. party party.
"Melody Day" Caribou
incredibly inspired by, bubbling over with happiness.
"Hair Down" Cold War Kids
perfect for the season.
"Strange Brew" Cream
always coming back to the psychedelia.
more excited by this album than i could have imagined.
"I had too Much to Dream" The Electric Prunes
if i was a 20 something in the late 60s, this would be my song.
"Son of Sam" Elliott Smith
always comfort since i was 16.
"Sea Lion Woman" Feist
sassy. sea lion = seal = moorea seal?
"Summertime" The Fire Theft
also a comfort since high school.
"Comment te dire Adieu" Francoise Hardy
just fun. a little over it.
"Little Brother" Grizzly bear
obsessed with forever.
"Boy with a Coin" Iron & Wine
made/makes me want to take flameco lessons.
"A Postcard to Nina" Jens Lekman
such great lyrics.
"Teardrop" Jose Gonzalez
eternally embedded in highs and lows of fall.
just the sweetest and calming.
"Someone Great" LCD Soundsystem
always perks me up.
"Monkey" Low
very fall. cant' really listen to it now.
"The King of Carrot Flowers pts. 2 & 3" Neutral Milk Hotel
recommended by a good friend. memorable.
"In a Manner of Speaking" Nouvelle Vague
my dream sound. loved the before fall, and will continue to love.
"The Party's Crashing Us" Of Montreal
"Perfect Timing" Orba Squara
so fall. reminds me of the art center with alex and justy.
"Bro's" Panda Bear
one of my most favorite songs ever.
"Wildcat" Ratatat
sexy. dancing. i cannot manage to combine the two. ha.
"Winter Windows" Sea Wolf
reminds me of my apartment's balcony.
"Now.Now." St. Vincent
restored faith in women who can really make music.
"If You Want Me" The Swell Season
ah heartbreaking, good for when i needed to cry.
"Mansard Roof" Vampire Weekend
good in the fall. but when they got trendy in winter. killed it.
"Theologians" Wilco
mood balancing. so much, but so calming.

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