for allie and patrick

i will miss the camaraderie, imaginative ideas, and all things beautiful that happen in the night.
this is how i feel when i hangout with these two particular friends:

we are the dreamers
the nighttime bandits
the sleepless wanderers.

we are the gusty breeze that whispers through trees
the flickers of light that sparkle on leaves
we are the hoos and haas of the whipping wind.

we bend the branch
swaying to and fro
as the life of night consumes our souls.

twinkling chimes echo through cavernous minds.
is it the night that guides us
illuminating thoughts in a mystical glow?

we beg for sleep
fear for daylight
but find good company in our hazy shadow wanderings.


obsessed with moss said...

It's perfect! An upside down, keyhole look into my life. Those trees were excellent, we should visit that spot again and film it when its a windy night.

Anonymous said...


I have to say that your po-em brought my evening to a fitting conclusion, and all is now well. Well done.

the rumination reading room said...

thank you friend. alec?