Grandpa (Baba)

funniest quote from my grandpa last night:

"if i saw a sultan with 2 body guards on either side, and 5 wives trailing behind him, and he tried to make me move out of his way in a hotel hallway, i wouldn't move.
i'd maybe pee my pants, but i wouldn't move."

my grandpa has really severe MS, and is the 8th oldest person in the world to ever be diagnosed with MS so late in his life.  he does accidentally wet himself quite often, and he has a very hard time moving around.  but he is joyful, and at least he can make light of his situation.  he is beautiful.

something cool about him:
he hitch hiked across the entire United States when he got out of the army, just because he wanted to.

he went to a fancy dinner party back in the day where Robert F Kennedy was sitting behind him.  they ended up taking for about 15 minutes about the education system and other things that are really important to him.  My grandpa felt like he had found a kindred soul and told Robert that he hoped to run into him again in the future, and Robert said likewise.
the next day, Robert F Kennedy was assassinated.
needless to say, it really shook my grandpa up.

my grandpa is more progressive than most people my age.

funny story:
i think my grandpa thought i was lesbian.  eek!  

sorry grandpa, i definitely like boys.
let me preface this with the fact that my Grandpa IS Christian.  but unlike most old people Christians, he is very open minded and progressive.
He asked me what i thought about gay marriage.
i said, well i think that since church and state are separate, that churches can choose for themselves individually whether to have gay marriages or not.  but, i think that there should most DEFINITELY be civil unions at least for gay couples.  everyone deserves that.

my grandpa said, you know i agree.  churches should do what they want individually.  and i think that everyone deserves the same amount of respect, equality.  equal opportunities.  i think everyone and anyone should be allowed to get married.  gay people should be able to get married.

i thought, wow grandpa, you are bomb!  go you for being progressive at age 84!

then he went on... proving he may even be more progressive than me somehow.
he said, i think maybe someday people will just stop getting married.  you know moorea, maybe you will end up just living with a guy.  i mean, maybe you will get married later, but maybe you'll just live with them before you know?

i thought, wow, i feel as though your son, my dad, would be pretty surprised you are saying this!

then grandpa went on even farther...
you know moorea, maybe you'll just end up living with a guy.  that would be fine.  maybe you'll meet a real nice guy to live with.
or maybe you'll meet a real nice GIRL to spend your life with.

did not expect him to go there.

i laughed and said, well baba, i definitely like BOYS, so theres no chance i will marry or "live with" a girl as a life partner or something.  but thats good that you are positive about equality for all people.

he surprises me every minute.  geeze!
perhaps its because i am artistic that he think i would swing a different way?
sorry, no.
perhaps its because all my older cousins got married around my age, and i am single?
sorry, no baba.
perhaps its because i have managed to stay single for the past year and a half while my little sister has had a bunch of boys hot on her trail?
sorry baba.
just because i dont have a boyfriend right now does not mean i am lesbian.
i just dont have good luck it seems.
i dont even want to get married within the next 5 years, AT LEAST, so why search out a boy?

oh baba, you are an enigma.
i love you.

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Allie said...

Sooo funny. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Miss you, Moozzrella.