Politics: Obama

so i really really distrust the media.
i have a severe distaste for things deemed as "trendy" and am offended when people call me trendy.

i realized yesterday why i have had a hard time liking Obama.
it has nothing to do with him particularly.
its just the fact that he is SO trendy!

in my life time, i have never seen a president as the "biggest celebrity."
perhaps my grandparents and parents have seen that happen. but not me.
i associate anyone who is the major celeb of the moment as "trendy, silly, superficial, comical" and i expect them to go out of fashion in a hot flash.

i have been weary of endorsing Obama because i dont want to jump on a trend boat when it comes to something SO serious as electing a president. I dont want my liking of the potential leader of my country to be easily swayed by trendy popular consensus.
i dont want to elect a president because he is "hot in the moment".

i want to believe my president will be revolutionary, real, sincere, honest, TIMELESS, memorable.
i dont want to like obama because he is trendy.
a president should be timeless, BEYOND the trend.

i do hope that obama is beyond the trend. i do hope he is timeless and potentially revolutionary. i think i will vote for him. and i'll try to trust that good change will come for America. i dont have much faith in government.
i think dating 2 socialists, an anarchist and a marxist may have had a bit of an influence on me hahah.
oh youth...




"Più giù, in fondo alla Tuscolana,
oltre Cinecittà,c'è un prato..."

!?...passavo per un saluto!


the rumination reading room said...

hmm... i can't speak italian. i dont know what that says...

translator says:
“More down, in bottom to the Tuscolana,
beyond Cinecittà, there is a Prato… “
!? … I passed for a salute!


Christopher A. Simpson said...

I think you're right by saying a president should be timeless, anyone of note truly is. Also its a good point that a certain "trediness" doesn't bode well for those in power, in that those who were not trendy at the time have remained timeless. You always need dissenting opinions, a certain unpopularity. Although George W. Bush is unpopular and I wouldn't want him to represent me in a shopping queue, let alone as the leader of the free world.