sleeping sound

these are my two favorite musicians at SPU:

Scott Paul Johnson
Taylor Neal

here is a link to my very favorite song that Scott wrote. its called "1:00."
though he played this show at the end of school, and called it "Batteries." so maybe its called that.

and here is a video of Taylor performing for the 2007 "Jammies"
so good!

i am putting these on here for multiple reasons.
1. i miss seattle friends, and these are two seattle musicians that are also friends.
2. i am very sleepy, and their music helps me to sleep soundly and sweetly.
3. the world needs to pay attention to them because they are most deserving of said attention, and are big inspirations for me.

and for those of you who know me well, yes scott and i dated at one time long ago.
we are now just friends, though we don't talk much. but i still do respect him greatly. and even if i had never dated him, i would still love his music.
it still kind of weirds me out that i really like his music despite the fact that he is my ex-boyfriend. weird. whatever. its good music.
and NO, the song "Don't Do This" is NOT about me.
its about a girl he kind of sort of dated before me. her name may go unmentioned.

anyway, check out talyor and scott's music.

and i shall be posting an update on my life as of the past 2 weeks soon. probably tomorrow. yes tomorrow.
love you my friends.

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