camp hammer peek #1

heres a peek at my summer:

Walt's Wharf: 10k Run with the entire Camp Hammer staff
theme: The Camp Hammer 'Stash
ok, so i didn't "run" it.  but i did jog a little and then walked a long way!

gerkin, indigo, trumpkin, mochalatte, bandit, jamba, kikakee
(josh, me, jess, rebekkah, alison, megan, faith)
we were somewhere in the middle of this.
trumpkin, zosima, legend, indigo
(jess, jon, alex, me)
Jamba, Trumpkin, Zosima, Legend, Indigo, Eureka!, Muttn'
(Megan, Jess, Jon, Alex, Me, Rachelle, Janelle)

good times.  cool tanks.  bomb people.

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lara said...

awesome pictures! I wish I were going to be in Seattle moorea! We keep missing each other! I'm actually living in Redding, just moved here recently. Next time I'm coming up to Seattle I'll let you know, I really and truly would love to have a get together with you! :)