camp hammer peek #2

Pies in the Face
what's a camp without counselors getting pie'd?

Apostle Group 1 managed to pie all the Apostle staff.
steamboat, indigo, trumpkin, eureka!, oodalollie, X, sundance
(brad, me, jess, rachelle, bree, daniel, sean)
the beautiful Kelp
(ocean swanson-dexel)
brad, me, jess, rachelle, bree, daniel, sean
still so fresh and so clean clean, prior to pie-ing.
boulder, aka, jackson, pie-d me.  thanks a lot my shaggy haired friend!
just teasin'.

a shower felt real good after that.  wooo.

1 comment:

Rachel.d.Hurley said...

oh those were good times... i am so glad we managed to get all of you at once.
see you in november.