facebook shmacebook

sometimes facebook is great... well for certain things.
and sometimes facebook really sucks.

it really sucks when you suddenly notice how many more of your friends, than you thought, are married.  
and it really sucks when you stumble upon pictures of your first love with his new love, who he's always lied about saying "no i haven't had a girlfriend since you", holding a baby and people commenting "a sign for something to come in the future?"

reminder to myself:
i am single.  enjoy this time.  i have more freedom to spend time with lots of friends right now.  live it up.  your time will come later.

uhg facebook.  you little devil you.

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Anonymous said...

Moorea, I know what you mean about facebook, it is entirely too depressing at times. Blogs, however, have proven to provide me with a lot of excitement. Your comment on my very first blog ever still makes me smile. I love that such a cool random person found my blog. I'm looking forward to your etsy shop!