Japan, I love you #5. end

and here ends my 5 part visual journey of exploring Japanese fashion.
here are some beautiful people experimenting with Kimonos. they take the tradition of kimonos and alter them ever so slightly to make a modern updated version all their own.

it shows how they put on and wore a 12 layered kimono. 12 layers!
the layers of color are stunning.

all photo credit goes to: JapaneseStreets.com

everything about her style is amazing.


Lenox Knits said...

What gorgeous shots you chose. I particularily love that last girls style. I love how they made such a traditional piece look so modern and up to date.

abigail deon said...

hey moorea,

i just got back from Japan after spending ten days there. it's true about the girls' more modern kimonos. you definitely still see the traditional ones, but there are some fun, cute ones also. it's getting more popular i think.
one of my favorite parts about walking around the cities was the fashion. it's incredible. and asian boys have the best hair.