Lee Pace

"we shall be married in the morning!"

sigh. gotta get out the girly-ness, dumby dumb dumb squeels every so often.
a quick mention of why i am so silly at the moment...
im watching Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day with Lee Pace.
and i still havent had the opportunity yet to rent my FAVORITE movie
The Fall ...with, Lee Pace.

end scene.

update as of the past 2 hours...i went out and bought The Fall.
everyone needs to see it. best movie of all time.
here ends act 2.


Anonymous said...

I ahve the same feelings, but about a certain ... well many men, but Jared Padalecki at this moment, and Jesse Spencer, and Milo Ventimiglia, and... *sighs* girliness does bother me

Anonymous said...

Thanks; your blog is amazing!
I don't update as often as I should, but since I write music reviews for the school newspaper this year, that'll do double duty.

Allie said...

Ahahahahahaha!!!! "We shall be married in the morning!" I can just picture you saying that. Dude. Lee Pace. Cra-zy about him. Once "Pushing Daisies" comes back on ABC, we should watch it together EVERY WEEK. Because we will hang out a lot. Duuuuuuh.