The Acorn

well i've stumbled across some beautiful music.
i will definitely be listening to this cd a lot this fall, while the wind whips the leaves into swirling patterns above my head.

check out The Acorn.

i can't figure out if i have a favorite song of theirs yet, because each one has something special about it.

"Flood part 1"  has something really special about it.  its joyful and reminds me of animal collective in a weird way.  maybe the mixing of beats and the swirling voices.

and i adore whoever does some of their artwork.  
pattern work within natural objects.
my favorite.


rebekkah said...

oh my gosh me and alison saw them live last night they were AMAZING!

the rumination reading room said...

uuuuhhhh JEALOUS!

how did you hear about them?