Even MORE Irony

i am stunned.

so i said that something "shitty" happened in my last post, right?
well that went from figurative language to literal language.

the flooding turned into sewage coming up out of the drain into the basement. i am digusted and beyond angry now. i will not go into detail about how disgusting it is or how much i despise my landlord.

keep listening to "B.M.F.A" by Martha Wainwright.

in addition...
so i spent an hour trying to move all my stuff that was still dry away from the flooding last night.
this meant that i stacked a couple of boxes of random things on the far wall away from the flooding.
i came in this morning, and saw that the boxes had been knocked over. while falling over, it seems as those they knocked over some paint cans filled with house paint. the paint splattered over a a few of my favorite clothing items and household items. cool.

yes. i am still angry.
perhaps leaps and bounds beyond angry.

if our rent is not lowered, we are moving out.
if my landlord doesn't reimburse me for all that i've lost, i don't know what i'll do.
i am already in debt $800 to my roommate and i have to pay $1500 to school in 5 days.
i literally have NO MONEY.

God, help me now. please.

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Andrea said...

scott told me about your room. i'm so sorry! :( i hope your landlord treats you right.