freedom in small spaces

for the month of October, i will post a link to a favorite song with every blog post.
today we have: "reading in bed" by Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton.

reason for choosing this song: tonight i had to talk to a lovely lady from the school newspaper about Patrick for his school obituary.  it was... hard.  he played this song a lot in the art center. it brings me cozy comfort now, reminding me of him while i read in my bed.

i am almost done with my new bedroom re-doing.
it has taken quite a bit of work that is for sure. and there are still things to do, such as move in my dresser so i can put my clothes away!
but for now, it has reached a very comfy cozy place that makes me feel safe and free.

the walls are wood paneled and were once a hideous light brown shade. i got 2 shades of FREE green paint... so i painted all the walls over. the floor is cement and the baseboards were falling off when i first saw the room. i pulled up the gross boards and replaced them with pretty, white, and feminine baseboards that are nice and weatherproof. and i threw down all the rugs i own or was given for free free.

p.s.  i am living in the basement of our house.  my room isn't technically a bedroom per-say.  but i've turned it into one, and i love it.  it is my little rabbit hole.

i can keep all my books stacked on this weird wall ledge.
i love seeing all of them.
for now my bed is on the ground.
i'm debating whether to even get an actual bed.
it's so cozy down here.
fabric goes a long way.  the metal heater thing sticks out from one wall and goes all the way along the ceiling.  i just draped some material over it and now it is a pretty little overhang over my bed.
there was a light bulb just sticking out of a socket in the ceiling, so i constructed my own ceiling lampshade out of pretty material.  and it looks 500 times better.
my little working station.
i got this funky 70's side table from my dad.  it came with 3 velvet cushions in it.
my dad bought it from the guy who invented LSD.  scandalous.
I use the mini table as my desk and rest my weary body on the cushions as my chair.
some of these hats were my grandmothers and my great grandmothers.
i adore them.
i have yet to fill up my closest which hangs open air in the room, with my favorite thrift store and vintage dresses, and funky shoes.  i love shoes.  specifically boots.
i have a few.
most of them were my grandmothers.
and then a good portion of them were given to me by my dad and sister, or crocheted by me.
the red and white one that looks almost checkered is an arab head wrap my dad got me from Israel a couple of years ago.  my favorite.
there's a peek into the place i now call home!


Allie said...

Yay, it's not scary anymore! Good work, Mooooreeaa.

Schlaeps said...

That looks seriously awesome. :)

Rachel.d.Hurley said...

you're so creative. that sounds like an amazing room

Julianna said...

Hurray! Looks like you're all nice and settled. Your room looks soooooooo cozy and pretty I love it. I want to come see it in REAL life yeah?
I really miss you pookie baby