I'll be missing you

right now i miss:

all my music. all 9,000 songs. i really really really want to listen to this "comfort" mix i just had made a couple days ago, before the big computer crash of 08'.
the only songs i can remember that i put on it were a few gregory and the hawk songs and a few jaymay songs.


i miss my computer.
i miss the millions of lists of things i have.
i love lists.
i had 5 million "favorites" tabs in my safari browser.
website categories:
fashion sites
street fashion sites
friend's blogs
design/photography sites
illustration/illustrators sites
fine artists sites
music sites
religious/spirituality sites
favorites of favorites
learn new things sites
be involved in these sites
get creative/inspiration sites
everyday sites

and other categories i cant remember.
within some tabbed category, there were sub categories.
like... illustration/illustrators: types of illustration
i literally probably had found the websites to at least 50 different illustrators and artists i admire and am inspired by. and now i cant remember any of their names.

i have HORRIBLE memory, this is why my computer is SO important to me. it lets me store "memories" within it.
and now its all gone.

i want my hard drive to come back to life. i need my memories back.
come on computer.

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Rachel.d.Hurley said...

I've been praying for you every morning. I hope you find comfort in the fact that god provides things so much better than music and computers. love you, miss you, hope things get better soon!