loss loss shmoss loss

alright so i lost my cell phone this week.
of COURSE i would lose my cell phone right now, huh.

but funnily enough, i suddenly felt pretty at peace with loss yesterday.
maybe im just on an emotional roller coaster right now, but eh, at least im on the up hill right now.
i am doing surprisingly well for still not having a bed, dresser, or desk.  basically no pieces of furniture in my house belong to me.
i dont have many things that hold comfort.  but through the love of my camp hammer family, i have reached a point of full comfort in God.  God's people are so good.

i got a new cell phone yesterday night, so for those of you who are friendsies who i speak to or see in real life, give me your phone numbers.  i would love to talk to you all soon.

also, i am ridiculous.  i have been a bit discombobulated lately, duh.
i stayed up till the weeee hours of the night on thursday night, working on a project.  when i came to turn it in on friday, i realized... oh shit, its not even due for another week.
well, at least thats out of the way?  and i got my weekends confused and thought sarah was coming to visit this week, when really its next week.

my brain is all over the place.  eek.

phone numbers, give me them.  or just call me or text me so i can save your numbers again.
love you.

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