Pikes Place

i'm visiting my best friend at work at Pikes Place.

i cry so easily its ridiculous.  but i sometimes just feel like my soul is becoming one with the environment i am in, with the objects and people around me, with the smells wafting in the air, with the textures or things, with the waves of colors.

The sun is shining in from the tall windows and there is a hazy orange glow bouncing off everything in the coffee shop.  i smell patchouli and incense.  im listening to The Acorn's "Flood" and im just so happy.  this world is so beautiful.  and the poetic spiritual world floating around, within, and in between all of this is so magical.  its in the betweens that i find life, love, beauty, faith, hope, joy, inspiration, passion, sensuality, spirituality, momentary perfection.

this mysterious world that is hidden but vibrantly shining through the 

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