thank you my incredible friend for your gift to me.
thank you for giving me a chance to start over.

i will be investing that money into buying a harddrive. that is the very first thing i need to feel sane and pulled together again. thank you thank you thank you for that gift.
you are giving me a new beginning.
i have to think of it as a fresh start. i need to see new opportunity in starting over. there is lightness among the heavy things.
you are a beautiful outstreched wing that i needed covered over me.

i re-read our book "i'll tell you my hopes if you'll tell me your dreams"

remember what you wrote about your own encouragement: "you O Lord keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light." psalm 18:28

this is always true. just hard for me to remember when the dark feels espeically thick.

Like i said at the end of our book, these words still ring true, and become even more powerful the longer i am lucky enough to know you:

that you are you
that you are real with yourself
that you are real with others
that you are real with GOD
that you are considerate in your honesty
that you are thoughtful and intentional
that you have a heart to serve
that you have a heart made to LOVE
that you hear God's voice powerfully
that you listen God
that you involve your whole being in your faith
that you seek to learn and grow
that you seek beauty in God's creation
that you allow God to create through you
that you are a woman of strength
that you are a woman!
that you are so kind and sweet
that you are my friend

i thank God for you every moment

remember these that i told you: proverbs 11:25, 14:30, 16:9, 18:15, 19:17, 27:9, 31:8-9, 31:10-31

remember i love you.

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samantha said...

i love you i love you i love you.
i woke this morning to the wind genly blowing the curtains in my bedroom. i dressed as if it were a blustery autumn day. i was disappointed.
but then i was thinking about you. and wondering if you were able to notice autumn amdist all of this madness happening. i hope you are. it is my favorite season. [well so is spring. and summer. and winter]
i hope you find joy in the fact that this happened for a reason. whether we know what that may be.
it happened maybe to shock you into realization. into the simplicity you desire in loving the lord with all your heart and inturn loving your neighbor as yourself. maybe it happened because it is your turn to be loved. your turn to realize how important you are, moorea, not the things you surround yourself with. how much you are cared for.
but maybe it is something much greater. either way, i am here to figure this life. season. journey. out too.

remember: forever friends. not seasonal.