roll out

we have to get out of this house.

incredible Justy helped us look up federal laws about renter's rights, and he helped us look for new places to live.  we will be looking at an apartment on Thursday.  We have yet to tell the landlord that we are looking for new places to live, but we shall in time when he finally responds to our calls and emails.  The law favors us.  Though i doubt i will get anything replaced by him that has been ruined.

all i want is to move out of here as soon as possible and just be set in a clean and healthy living space.  i need some stability.

there is a pile of fecal matter and toilet paper festering on the floor of our basement.  This is day 3 of our landlord NOT getting someone to come clean it up.
this is biohazardous waste.  it cannot be just cleaned up by us, it needs to be handled by a professional.
we cannot do laundry because the washer and dryer are next to the pile of waste.
this is un-livable and unbelievable.


Andrea said...

how ghastly! can you call the authorities about something like this??

the rumination reading room said...

well today i went to my counselor and talked about all of this and she said she is going to try to talk to someone in student life to see if we can have some sort of legal representation through the school for this. so... we shall see. i guess stay posted for updates on this ridiculous ordeal.

Julianna said...

oh my goodness Moorea! I'm so sorry all this stuff you're going through sounds so so horrible! boo hoo i'm sorry moo moo.
i'd love it if we could grab lunch sometime together or watch a movie if you want. i miss you and want to see you and hug you and make you feel allllllll better :)