time to change

well, i get an itching to make a drastic change every fall.
last year i got a septum piercing.
this year, i am just feeling the need to do a complete moorea overhaul. i haven't been taking good care of myself lately so heres some things i have been journaling about:

I am making a pact with myself, here we go.
• I will set a regimented schedule for my eating. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
• I will exercise at least 3 times weekly. I will set a schedule for exercising.
• I will take time in the morning to have a relaxed “get ready for the day”This includes: eating breakfast, taking a shower, doing my hair, doing my make-up, checking emails, reading bible.
I will wake up at a set time everyday.
• I will set a bedtime.
• I will reschedule my calendar.
• I will take my acne medication every morning and night.
• I will read my bible every morning (devotions).
• I will set times to call different people far away.
• I will schedule free time.
• I will watch less t.v.

It shall all begin promptly.
Today i cleaned myself up a bit... i've been letting myself get so grungy gross. basically just not shaving my legs for a long long time because i don't give a shit.
i'm realizing that for some people it is freeing not feeling concerned to put on make up or shave or do hair, etc. some people feel most true to themselves, and feel most beautiful, they feel like they are respecting themselves the most by just going totally free from makeup and dolling up.
but for the first time i am realizing, that for other people, they feel like they are most respecting themselves when they take the time to invest in themselves, not only inwardly, but outwardly as well.

i have always wanted to be a granola girl. and i've gone in an out of phases of it. but when it comes down to it, i am just a super girly girl! i love fashion, i love style, i love make up, i love hair styling, i love aesthetics, i am an artist. this is my life! and i LOVE playing with all these things.
if i try to rid myself of fashion, of style, of make up, of hair styling, of aesthetics, of body art, i am denying myself of who i am and what i am made for. i am made respect myself. and i am made to have fun with the visual me. i should be celebrating me in my entirety.

i will invest in myself more. and for me, that means taking a little more time on my appearance. i don't feel like i have to to please anyone. i don't give a shit about what people think of me on the outside. i have always been free spirited in how i dress and do my hair and make up.
but for a long time now, i just haven't been taking care of myself fully by celebrating
what i love. i should be excited about ME everyday! and i've let that slip a little.

but the fall whispers of change are ringing in my ear, and i hear them, and i'm ready!!! yippy!

I haven't dyed my hair 2 years now.
And i've grown it out for 3 years.
its time to have fun with it again!!!!!!!!


i could go blond, strawberry blond, red, brown, dark brown...

strawberry blonde?

keep it long, but do it wavy and add more layers?

keep it pretty long, but get straight thick bangs?
plus color of some sort?

I just love these styles...

oh what to do. anyone got any advice, or have links to pictures of hair that might look pretty?


Allie said...

I really like your longish hair. And I like the way you've been styling it lately, kind of hippy-chic, with the part down the middle. I could see you dyeing it dirty blond, or auburn...

I'm with you. I get so much joy out of pretty things like rosy cheeks, frills, high heels. I've always been a fan of dress-up and fun makeup and the lot. We should have a fashion show/photo shoot with all our girlfriends and style everyone. YAHHH GIRLS ROCK!

Allie said...

Oooh you changed up your blog too! Is that watercolor yours? I likey. See you tonight at my fete!