2:00 am?

dang it... i'm having a hard time sleeping again.

well last year it started like the first week of school and lasted until summer.  at least i guess it has taken awhile for my body clock to start wigging out again.


i hope i can start forcing myself to go to bed earlier, and then when in bed, have my mind and body just SLEEP and not lay there awake for hours.

the usual time i am falling asleep is around 2am these days.

i would like to be asleep by midnight.  workin on it.  i'm going to bed now.  baby steps.


Schlaeps said...

Tonight seems to be the night of not being able to get to sleep. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Wish I could help you... but I'm out at 10:45... Whether I have something due or not!! I seriously can not stay up late to do something productive! I'm a sleepy, cranky infant. haha.

obsessed with moss said...

I feel your pain, it sucks!