3:06 and i begin

well its early in the morning/late in the night again.  oops.

i am giddy and sad at the same time.
i want to cry for every emotion.  i guess mostly just for beauty.
i am reminded tonight that i just really like the mostly solitary life that i lead.
i like a few and precious relationships.  and i feel bad that i have so many people that i love because i can't give as much to everyone as i want to.
also, i don't really want to meet many more people right now.  its exhausting for me.  and maybe i kind of want to just release myself from some acquaintances that i once knew as good friends.  i love seattle.  and i have good friends here.  but there are a lot of people i just don't want to be friends with too.

i am looking forward to thanksgiving.
i want it to just be thanksgiving break already.  actually no, i am ok with waiting.  its good.  patience for hopeful things to be thankful for.  i am excited to see all the people i trust and adore the most.  i am antsy.  but each day makes me more thankful for the beautiful relationships i have in my life.  i am so thankful.  tears tears tears.  and i am so emotional.

i'm listening to the most heart piercing music right now.  it is so special that i can't even share it with you who are reading this.  apologies.

but i will give you some other heart piercing music to look up.  just listen to every animal collective song ever.

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Anonymous said...

Introverted extrovert. I totally get that. :)

We should go out to coffee soon! Would you like to de-stress with me and talk about our show??