I am Ready Now

I wrote a song tonight.
I am stunned at myself right now.  I have never felt so overwhelmed with happiness and tears all at once!  i recorded the song as soon as i wrote it, and i'm listening to it right now.  and my hands can hardly type because i am laughing and crying all at once.
I guess that my whole being is just recognizing what has spurted forth from me into the form of a song.

I dream heavy dreams every night, and i think that my subconscious mind must just run crazy trying to process everything that i think, or don't think, about during the day.  It is crazy how our brain is doing so many things that we don't even realize.

I think that my deepest feelings are really just ringing out through the song i just wrote.  Its crazy how it is effecting me!

This summer, a lot of people told me that i am poetic, which i have never thought of myself before.  I mean, i love poetry, and writing lyrics and poems, but i have never thought of myself as "poetic" in how i think or speak or anything.  But i think this song is helping me realize that perhaps i can speak most clearly in an abstract and poetic way.  At least, i am understanding myself better through my own writing.  I really just suck at fully expressing myself when i try to speak in an orderly way.  So song writing is a good way for me to convey all that i am feeling, me thinks.

Anyway... i wrote a song tonight.  And it is really special.

an eyelash just fell on my hand.  i made a wish with it.  

My goofy roommates just got home from going out.  They are so cute and funny.  I'm glad they had fun.  And i'm glad i didn't go, so i could write, have alone time, and just be.

i'm going to save this song for the right time to release it.
I am feeling really happy, free, confident, calm, peaceful, joyful, and vulnerable all at once at the moment.  it is well with my soul.


Greg said...

i love hearing about the joy you have right now. :)

Andrea said...

that last comment was from me... shoot. greg was logged onto my computer

the rumination reading room said...

hehehe got it.