Mass Obama Dance Party in the Streets!

i love living in Seattle!
i love the passionate outspoken free spirited people all around me.
the photo above is of a house that i pass everyday on my way to work.  i love it.

and all these photos down below are from last night.
Katie, Anne, Laura and I went downtown on the bus once we heard that Obama had basically won even before the polls were closed.  We wanted to see if there were any spots of celebration downtown.  when we got off the bus, everyone suddenly started streaming on to the streets.
cars were honking their horns, people were laughing and screaming with joy.  hoots and hollers.  it was awesome.
then we went to Ballard and met up with Eren and Tim at Kings.  Every couple of minutes someone would yell, "Obamaaaaa!" and everyone would start screaming and shouting and clapping.  it was so great!!
then Tim, Anne, Laura and Eren and I went to Capitol Hill.
we heard that streets were closed off and people were just out rejoicing and celebrating Obama's election.
The streets were packed with people!  everyone was SO HAPPY!  i have never seen people just congregate with such joy and pure enthusiasm like this.  it was incredible, inspiring, exciting, beautiful.
the drag queens from Neighbors came out and played booming music for everyone to dance to.  it was so awesome.
there were flashes of camera, and fireworks going off over our heads.
our communities are so happy.
and the people who stayed till 4am helped clean up too.  AWESOME!
beautiful night!
this night will be burned in my memory for the rest of my life.  it is beautiful progression.
power to the people!

video of seattle dancing with happiness!
video of seattle people rejoicing!

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rebekkah said...

thats so amazing!!! i wish i was there! but i danced and sang and rejoiced in my heart ... not quite as fun.