So i found this website... www.morphthing.com
its dangerously fun.

Anne says i look like Eva Green.  so i morphed our faces together, and heres what happened:
The faces of Moorea Seal and Eva Green combined together -

heres eva before we became one, muahaha...
Morph Eva Green's Face Online -

Heres me and Winona Ryder as one:
Moorea Seal and Winona Ryder -

and here she is as herself:
Morph Winona Ryder's Face Online -

Me and Audrey Hepburn:
Moorea Seal and Audrey Hepburn -

Audrey, playing herself:
Morph Audrey Hepburn's Face Online -

I tend to make everyone look a little paler and a little more masculine. weird...


Giselle Bundchen and Me:

Morph Gisele Bundchen's Face Online -

well anyway, i did a bunch more.  and it seems that when paired up with guys, i need to marry someone who a softer looking face than mine or our kids are going to be the dweeb-i-est looking fools ever.  good thing i've always gone for men whos faces are a bit wider than mine.
i melded my face with Adrian Brody... oh gosh, it was not a pretty sight.  saddest looking nerd i've ever seen.

and heres what i look like to compare the morphings...
not.  i ain't showin' ya my face.  but heres a sweet picture of when i attempted to do a "flying squirrel" dive at the camp i worked at this past summer, but ended up just doing a brutal belly flop.
i am awesome.
this is officially my most spastic blog post ever.
i am in a really hyper mood, obviously.
thanksgiving is coming, thanksgiving is coming! yay!

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Allie said...

You are for sure a spaz. THANKSGIVING!!! AHHH!!!